In the Spotlight

Åben Hede in Oksbøl, Denmark

June 2019
Photos from Peter van Iren

If you have never been to this show, make a point of going. Nowhere else in the world will you see such a gathering of Leopard 1s (and a Leo 2A5DK - maybe a 2A7DK next year), as well as many other ex-Danish Army AFVs like centurion and M109, many of which have the opportunity of live-firing their guns. Yes, that~s right, LIVE-FIRING which is open to the public!! You will not see a more spectacular - and loud - show.

Here is a selection of the Leoprds that appeared in 2019 - Leopard 1A5DK (some fitted with dozers or mine ploughs), Leopard 2A5DK, and a Bergepanzer 2 (a very special one). Usually, there is also Wisent 1 and Biber. As a bonus, Peter has included some Leo 1 and 2 wrecks.


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