Hobby Boss Leopard 2 Kits

All comments and photos by Frank Lobitz.



The 2A6EX will be possible to build already if you don't care too much about detail differences to a Strv122 w/ L/55, APU and 3-colour-pattern. I don't believe that Hobby Boss will make a new upper turret.

I wonder how the research was done, just by making copies of Tamiya, HKCW and Italeri/Revell? So it seems. I looking forward to the announced 2A4. For me this is the key.

Personal Opinions

Of course easier to build than a resin conversion, but what is the price for? Soft, simplified details, partly even wrong. Using Hobby Boss parts to convert a Tamiya basic would be less work than to bring a complete HB kit up to standard, because it seems to be impossible to remove the overdone anti-skid patches. I hope they will be able to learn and perhaps rework the molds as Trumpeter did with the Challenger 2.

- Frank Lobitz

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