Reader's Models

Detlef Sánchez

Leopard 1A5NO

The model is based on a Takom Leopard 1A5/ C2. As improvements, Detlef used the following Leopard Workshop sets LW005, LW006, LW007-4, LW007-5 and LW007-6, plus RB aerials for CV90 and Eureka XXL tow cables.


Leopard 2A6M CAN Hobby Boss

This is built straight from the box, just as Hobby Boss intended.


Leopard C2 MEXAS Revell plus PSM conversion

The is the Perfect Scale Modellbau conversion based on an Italeri Leopard 1A4. You don~t need a 1A5 kit to base this on, any Italeri or Revell Leopard 1 will do. It uses Fruil ATL 141 tracks.


Leopard 2E Hobby Boss

This is quite heavily modified as Hobby Boss merely took their existing German prototype Leopard 2A6EX and threw in some Spanish markings! As you can see, many alterations had to be made to bring it close to the Spanish version. This also uses Bronco tracks and a Barrel Depot main gun.


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