Reader's Models

Eric de Graaf

Gepard KMW Special Edition

This is the only picture of the Gepard I build. It is the old Tamiya kit. Simple kit, but nice to build.


Dutch Leopard 1V

A lot of pictures of my Leopard 1V build. It is the Revell kit with a lot of extras as you can see on the photos. I built this one for a friend of mine who worked as a tank commander on this specific Leopard. It took a lot of time to build this one, especially all the changes and the scratch build. The D139E2 tracks are from Perfect Scale Modellbau.


German Kpz70

Not strictly a Leopard, but an important link between Leopard 1 and Leopard 2. It was designed by Germany and the US as the replacement for Leopard 1 and the M48/M60 family in the US, but the project failed completely. However, lessons learnt were used in Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams.

The Dragon Black Box model built straight from the box.

Facebook MBT70 Group


Dutch PRTL

The Dutch PRTL based on the Meng Gerard kit. This build was for a colleague of mine who worked in the Dutch anti-aircraft artillery. The PRTL conversion is a 3D print from Dutch Defence Miniatures.


German Bergepanzer 2

This is the Bergepanzer 2 from Takom. Great model, builds very easily.


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