Reader's Models

Harald Fitz

Flakpanzer Gepard A2

Using the Takom Gepard kit, Harald's model was featured in the April 2017 issue of the German ModellFan magazine.

To Quote Harald:

"Normally I would have built it with cammo nets hung around the guns as often seen in photographs. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a net that convinced me, so I went through my books and by looking at other vehicles covered with white blankets I decided to 'replace' the nets with sculpted covers. So, it's a kind of artistic freeness."


Leopard 1A1 Revell (new release) with wading tower

The Leopard 1A1 was build mostly out of the box with the addition of some Voyager etched parts, as well as Eduard etched parts (rear mudflaps).

From Leopard Workshop, I used the excellent hooks at the front and rear plus the antennas. Some small chains for the mantlet plugs as well.

Headlamps are from Perfect Scale Modellbau.

The wading tower was designed by Harald and is available from the Shapeways shop here.

The towing rope holders were made out of pieces of brass rod with some scratch building for the towing rope holders onto the chassis. The lines are nylon lines bought in an artist area of a hardware store. Bought some lines from Uschi van der Rosten - but they were too fine for this.

The figure is MiniArt German tank crew with Hornet head.

The model will be published as an article in a future Modell Fan magazine.


Leopard 1A1A2

I have finished the build of a Leoprd 1A1A2 variant. As you will see, the basis was the new Revell Leopard 1.

I added a lot of things:

I took the position of the turret dampers behind from Meng. Unfortunately, they don't fit Takom's screw positions.

The rangefinder ends are the originals from Revell.

The model started as a new Gepard model build for the German Modell Fan magazine out of the Revell chassis and Tamiyas upper hull/turret. For the armour parts I built up some moulds.

The turret armor from Takom fits quite well. I only had to reduce the width of the rear searchlight box by 0.5 mm and lengthen the top lid by 1 mm. The smoke launchers also had to be repositioned slightly.

The side skirts came from Meng originally, because the Takom elements were too narrow (ca. 1 mm per single element in respect of the Tankograd drawings). Meng parts fitted perfectly, apart from the position of the hinges.

The turret front armor is Meng as well. Here the tube for the MG is not perfectly in line with the opening in the armour, but you won't see this.

This model, when completed, will feature in a future Modell Fan magazine article.


Painting and Weathering

I am still experimenting with all the weathering liquids on the market. From the functions they are all the same.

Regarding this model, I worked in this way:


Leopard 2A7 Meng

The 2A7 was build straight out of the box. The only additions were small chains for the smoke grenade launchers, the small pole on top of the rear driving camera and the antennae, made out of aluminium rod/tubes.


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