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Jon Wilkinson

Minichamps Leopard 2A4

This is an upgraded and detailed die-cast metal Leopard 2A4 from Minichamps in 1:35 scale.

To quote John:

The upgrade has taken me three months to complete and included resetting the suspension to achieve the correct ride height, paint stripped back to bare metal, and in addition to the Leopard Workshop parts, ET Models PE upgrade set, Fruilmodel tracks, Karaya tow ropes, Meng AGDUS parts, Voyager Barrel and PE simulator. The most difficult parts to reconstruct were the front side armour mounting brackets and the PE tool holders on the rear engine deck. That said, I took my time and I’m fairly satisfied with the end results. The model uses decals from TL-Modellbau (linked from the Leopard Club website) after repainting using Tamiya NATO colours.

He has also completed similar upgrade conversions on other Minichamps tanks including M60A1, Centurion Mk5/1, Sherman M4A3, T34/85, Panther G, Jagdpanther, Tiger 1 and Tiger 2.


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