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Jose Luis López

Tamiya Leopard 1

Yes, that is correct. This is the very old Tamiya release that dates back to 1969. As most of you know this kit is pretty basic and not that well detailed. The biggest problem is the cast texture that covers not just the turret (which is fair enough) but also the entire hull and the gun! The tracks are also totally bad.

However, with a bit of help from various places and an excellent paint job, you too could end up with a model like this.

The only after-market use here are the new Fruil D139E2 tracks, Leopard Workshop LW009 Cast Grille and LW019N Gun Barrel and an etch deck grille probably from Eduard. The rest is down to Jose's black and white painting technique.

I think you'll agree that the old girl scrubs up very nicely.

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