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Mike Cartmale

Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAN

This started out as the Hobby Boss Leopard 2A4M CAN. The slat armour was taken from the Perfect Scale Modellbau resin conversion kit and soldered together with an adjustment on the right side set which is short.

The 'Barracuda' is a combination of thin sheets of Magic Sculpt overlaid with the 'Barracuda'. Why did I do this? The 'Barracuda' detail looked a bit too soft in detail on the PSM resin kit. Do not get me wrong, I take my hat off to the modeller who sat there and put in all those shapes. I could not do it. Plus when you are producing for a mass market there has to be limitations made as you can build the most fantastic master, but then it has to be broken down for casting.

The HKCW track came via Leopard Workshop as did a lot of the vehicle details they produce for the 2A4M CAN, including the roadwheels and probably a few items I missed. The drink cartons are from my own printed items, the coke tins are scratch-built, and the water bottle pack is actually covered in 'cling film'. The sun shade is also scratch built.

The vehicle is based on a photograph of a Leopard that was in Afghanistan 2011. This model won a Gold at the 2018 MAFVA Nationals.


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