Canadian Leopard Project - Bonus DVD

Compiled by Anthony Sewards
7221 images on 2 DVDs

The last in the series of Leopard DVDs, this Canadian Leopard Project Bonus DVD contains photos that were donated to the project and arrived after the completion of the original first series production run.

The photo files are broken down into the many different types of Canadian Leopard 1s and 2s that were and still are in current service.

In addition, there are bonus photos of Danish, Polish and Swiss Leopard 2s in service. All photos contained on this DVD are of various sizes as different cameras were used from 35 mm to the new digital types used today.

The photo files contain a wealth of unpublished photos that will help anyone wishing to collect more information on these Leopards in service.

UK € 20.00 plus € 1.50 post
Europe € 20.00 plus € 4.50 post
Worldwide € 20.00 plus € 6.00 post


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