Canadian Leopard C1 and C2 Project DVD

Compiled by Anthony Sewards
4575 images on 2 DVDs

Canada purchased 114 Leopard 1A3s (designated Leopard C1) in the late 1970s, the bulk of which were stationed in West Germany until Canada withdrew from Europe. Some were deployed to Bosnia in 1995 and Kosovo in 1999 (C1 MEXAS).

The C2 was basically an updated Leopard 1A5. The main change was the turret equipped with Leopard 2 ballistic computers. Canada deployed 17 of these tanks to Afghanistan in 2006 to aid in the operations in Khandahar until 2011. These tanks will be phased out and replaced by the new Canadian Leopard 2s.

The information collected on this DVD comes from multiple sources: from serving and former members of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Combat Camera and from friends. Permission has been granted for this project to use their images and certain material from original Leopard 1 technical manuals.

Word documents explain Canadian Leopard 1 history, modifications, colour schemes, markings and crew uniforms & weapons, while they served on deployments in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Canada, Germany, Kosovo.

Photo files contain a wealth of unpublished information that will help the viewer obtain the right information about the Canadian version of the Leopard C1, C1 MEXAS and C2.

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