BMK Canadian Leopard 1 and 2 aerials

BMK-351 (Leopard 2) and 352 (Leopard 1)
Scale: 1:35
Media: Turned brass
Reviewed By: Michael Shackleton


These important parts of any AFV's equipment are often completely neglected by nearly all kit manufacturers. For those of you who would rather not fill antenna mounts with random lengths of wire or stretched sprue, what do you do?

Here is one answer. These turned brass aerials are literally the topping on the cake you have just completed. Why spoil the hours and hours of work you have just spent? Your model deserves the best.

These two sets of aerials accurately depict the antenna masts used on Canadian Leopard C1 MEXAS, C2, C2 MEXAS, 2A4M CAN and 2A6M CAN. The C1 MEXAS and C2s have two each and the Leo 2s each carried three in Afghanistan, but just two back home in Canada.

BMK-351 : Leopard 2A6M-CAN Aerials

BMK-352 : Leopard C2 Aerials

Take a look at my C1 MEXAS and 2A6M CAN. I used these aerials on both of these models. They are beautifully turned to a nice taper. The Leo 2 set has two different types of aerial, one of which is stepped and represents the two-part aerials carried on the T-mount of these tanks (the left-side front antenna).

Strictly speaking, the more common purely tapered aerials should have safety balls at their tips, but these are easily added with blobs of epoxy or some other solution like unstirred paint from the bottom of the pot.

Highly recommended.


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