Legend Productions - Leopard C2 Detailing Set (for Takom 2004 Leopard 1A5/C2)

Scale: 1:35
Media: resin and photo-etch
Reviewed By: Michael Shackleton

The Takom Leopard C2, good though it might be, needs a little help here and there to improve some of its details. To prove the point, Legend have come up with this detail set which will make a huge improvement to the base kit.

A few of the items will be familiar from the two previous C2 MEXAS update/detail sets, but most of this set is new. It is certainly very thorough. Legend provide us with two etch frets, various pieces of wire in different diameters, and nearly 30 runners of resin parts.

I don't think I need to go into too much detail as the parts are self-evident from the photos and the instructions included here.


The most notable additions are replacements for the plastic MEXAS mounts supplied in the kit with photo etch and also etch mounts for all of the tools. The only downside here is that all of the plastic tools have to have their plastic mounts removed, which is quite a lot of work. Alternatively, the basic tools could be sourced elsewhere. The tool clamps themselves are very simple - but effective. They are just a three-sided wrap that goes over the tool to which is added the three-sided handle. Far less complicated than some other solutions.

The nicest part is the mantlet cover which is superbly detailed with the two inspection flaps (peculiar to Canadian Leo 1) and the retaining wire which goes through very fine hoops. How Legend's master modeller pulls off detail like this is beyong me! It is also nice to see the searchlight hooks in resin to the proper thickness - unlike the usual etch-supplied parts from other manufacturers which are far too thin.

Thankfully, Legend also supply replacement rangefinder head blanking plates which are the correct shape, unlike Takom's dreadful squashed up attempts. The Takom plates have to be completely removed though, as does the base of the EMES-18 sight if you use Legend's much nicer replacement.

Legend tell me that there will be a Leopard 1A5 Detailing Set to follow this up, so if you are building a Takom (or Revell) 1A5, it might be worth hanging on for a short time. This will also probably work with the upcoming Meng 1A5.

All-in-all, I thoroughly recommend this excellent and well-thought-through set.


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