Leopard C2 MEXAS Update Set (for Takom Leopard C2 MEXAS)


This set is largely based on the previous update set for Legend's own C2 MEXAS conversion of the Italeri/Revell Leopard 1A5 - LF1273.

In addition to the previous set, this one has new hull side tool boxes and separate tow eyes and clevis hooks (as Takom moulded them in one piece). You also get new commander's sights, a new EMES-18 sight, complete smoke launcher rails and mortars, all of which originate from LF1272 - the original MEXAS conversion. Other parts from 1272 include headlight extensions (missing from the Takom kit). C-mounts for the skirts on the hull rear come from the recent Danish conversion.

One strange omission, however, is the gun counterweight with collimator. This was also missing from 1272, but included in 1273. It should really be here but it is not, which is unfortunate.

The full mount for the C6 machine gun (from the Takom kit) wasn't included in LF1273 set, but it is here. This time it has a rifle butt rather than spade grips as in the previous set from the original MEXAS conversion.

A major addition to this set is an extra etch fret which includes, amongst other things, a new rear deck grille, rear mud flaps, two MG travel locks, netting for the luggage racks either side of the stow box and various other small details. Therefore, you get three etch frets in this one as oppsed to two in LF1273.

Two things to beware of in this set:

  1. The thermal cooler on the left side of the turret stow box was only used when the tanks were equipped with thermal jackets.
  2. The aerial bags under the turret stow box were not always fitted and they only had opening flaps at one end, usually on the right.

This set is more thorough than the previous LF1273 upgrade set (the previous set is still perfectly applicable to the Takom kit which was designed to add to the original Legend MEXAS conversion). The penalty is you have to pay an extra € 10 for the extra parts. Is it worth it? Only the modeller can decide.


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