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Peddinghaus is a company that seems to have been around a very long time. Once upon a time they did conversion sets, but now they seem to have settled into the decal market. Amongst a huge range of subjects (cars, planes, trains, ships, military vehicles, etc.) ~ and a huge range of scales ~ can be found several sheets for Leopard 1 and Leopard 2.

Three sheets of decals were kindly sent to us by David Johnson for review.

EP 2461 Leopard 1A5 Pz.Bat.194, 7.Panzer Division, Münster-Handorf

This is a very simple sheet that covers just one vehicle. The instruction sheet mentions nothing about the colour scheme or period of this vehicle, but being a Bundeswehr Leopard 1A5, it would have been in three-tone NATO camouflage. The quality of the instruction sheet is actually quite poor but there is enough information to place the decals.


The decals themselves, thankfully, are very good quality but are printed on white paper. There are a few white decals on the sheet and they have black box rules around them to locate them. All decals are numbered as per the instructions. One strange placement is a unit shield on the front of the searchlight. 1A5 did not use the searchlight! The decals include stencilling for the rear deck which is a very nice touch.

The price on the Peddinghaus website is € 5.00 for EP 2461.

EP 2409 Australian Leopard AS1, 1st Armoured Regiment, A&B Squadrons
EP 2411 Australian Leopard AS1, 1st Armoured Regiment, C&D Squadrons

Both of these sheets are jam packed with decals with 16 or 19 individual tanks included. The instructions for both sheets are essentially the same but for each set of decals but, as with the German sheet above, the print quality is very poor. At least they do show some colourful cam schemes, or would if the toner wasn't running out when they were printed.


Luckily, all of these schemes can be found as full-colour profiles on Armoured Acorn. Look for the following pages, all of which can be downloaded or viewed as PDF files from the Non-Canadian Vehicle Markings page:


Unfortunately, impressive though the sheets look, Peddinghaus haven't done their homework very well. The 44 on the bridging plates is the wrong style font (should be a stencil style). The serial numbers, according to the photos I have looked up, are also a different style to those on the sheets. They don't even match the style on the Armoured Acorn profiles.

This is somewhat disappointing but alternative decals are available from Mouse House in Australia, though not in the same quantities of vehicles per sheet.

Price on the Peddinghaus website is € 20.00 for EP 2409 and € 17.00 for EP 2411.
When I looked on the sight there were no images available, which is not very helpful!

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