LW013 - Leopard 2 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers

Can be used with any Tamiya, Hobby Boss or Meng Leopard 2.

Most previous Leopard 2 road wheels in plastic have one thing in common. Not many of them have any detail on the rear face of the road wheels or idlers. This set remedies this fault.


Parts list:

Tamiya fitting

Straight fit with no problems.

LW013 on the left, Tamiya on the right.

Hobby Boss fitting

The road wheel axle holes need to be drilled out to 3.2 mm. The idler axle holes need to be filed out slightly.

LW013 on the left, Hobby Boss on the right.

Meng fitting

The swing arm axles are thinner than the Tamiya ones these wheels were designed for. Therefore, wrap the axles with masking tape to get a good fit.


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