LW017HB - Leopard 2A4 Barrel

For HobbyBoss Leopard 2A4

Designed to be a straight fit onto the HobbyBoss kit. Three alternative fume extractors are provided with different textures. Check your references against the model you are building.

Remove the casting gates CAREFULLY. The fume extractor has a small hole at the front which needs to be drilled out to 3.2 mm. Drill this from the INSIDE/the rear. The rear has a wider opening to fit the kit mount. Carefully align the parts. There is a small amount of play in the fume extractor to help you with this. The sight on the collimator goes on the right side, not the top.

Parts list:

The Revell kit has an extraneous ring in front of the fume extractor, which is also too short. The Meng extractor is too skinny and too short and the dust jacket is the wrong proportion.

Reviews of the earlier (Meng) set can be found on MSC Review Connect and Armorama.

Thanks to Dan Hay and Matthew Worth for the use of the photos.


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