LW019E - Leopard 1 L7 Barrel 'European' Thermal Sleeve

For any Italeri/Revell/Meng/Takom Leopard 1

Resin barrel - with rifling - plus 9-part resin sleeve, fume extractor and optional counterweight/early and late collimators

The sleeve is broken into separate elements to give you more flexibility. Some users (notably Holland) removed the forward thermal sleeve. Early and late collimators for 1A5 are provided as well as a plain counterweight for early Leopard 1 to 1A4.

This completes our set of Leopard 1 barrels which replicates the more familiar thermal sleeve with the 'German' style latches. It also corrects the Italeri/Revell and Takom barrels where the straps are upside down. Also the locking ring in the middle is correct, unlike any of the plastic kits.

Parts list:


The flat at the end of the barrel is on the left (looking forwards). Part 1 has a joint along its length. There was no fixed position for this so check references for the vehicle you are building.

Part 3 has a weld which should be positioned along the bottom.

Part 4 has locking catches. The square part of the catch goes on top on the left side (looking forward).

Parts 5 and 6 have straps which go underneath the barrel. In reality, there is a spacer piece which is impossible to cast. Therefore, cut a rectangle of paper (perhaps sticky label) 4.5 mm wide to position between the two parts. Fit across the top of the gap and trim the depth to match the joint along the thermal sleeves.


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