LW021B - 1:35 scale US-style AS-1729 Aerials on MX-6707 Base Unit

These aerials have been re-engineered to have real springs around a new brass base unit, making them more accurate and stronger than the previous LW021 aerials (though these are still available while stocks last).

Any NATO vehicle using US radios mounted these aerials from the mid-1960s through to the 1990s and on.

As far as Leopards (1 and 2) are concerned, these aerials were used by Australia, Canada, Chile, Greece, Holland and Turkey.

The brass aerials are supplied with safety tips. Sometimes, these were not fitted in service, especially in the early days. Simply snip them off if not needed. Check your references.


  1. Drill out the resin aerial mount using a 0.6 mm drill. A pilot hole, to start you off, is provided.
  2. Slide the spring onto the longer peg on the base B.
  3. Then fit into the mount. Slide A into B.
  4. If the mast is going to be modelled as tied down, we suggest you bend the brass mast after fitting the spring. Using your finger nail or fine pliers, hold the spring at the halfway point and bend to the desired angle.


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