LW023 - 1:35 scale SEM25/35 Aerials


These important parts of any AFV's equipment are often completely neglected by nearly all kit manufacturers. For those of you who would rather not fill antenna mounts with random lengths of wire or stretched sprue, what do you do?

Here is our answer. These turned brass aerials are literally the topping on the cake you have just completed. Why spoil the hours and hours of work you have just spent? Your model deserves the best.

This set of aerials accurately depicts the antenna masts used on vehicles equipped with SEM25/35 radios. This was a West German short-range tactical vehicular VHF FM transceiver introduced in the 1960s, and used until at least the 1980s.

Used on Leopard 1 and early use on Leopard 2, this aerial has wider applications in most of the Bundeswehr's and NATO's vehicles of that time.

SEM80/90 (LW024) started to replace it from 1986.

Parts list: two brass aerials


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