LW026B - 1:35 scale Leopard 1 Smoke Launchers (1-bolt)

Used on nearly all Leopard 1.

Nearly all Leopard 1s (and members of the Leopard 1 family) were equipped with these smoke launchers which had single-bolt clamps over the launch tubes. Although this set is designed for use with Leopard 1, it can be used with any German vehicle of the period pre-1980. It removes the tedium of cleaning up those fiddly plastic items with their mould seams. The chains are much finer than the ones you find on most general vehicle etch sets.

Parts list


  1. Snip off the launchers from the pour block and clean up.
  2. Carefully glue them to the launch rails, taking careful note of the angles. See the photos overleaf.
  3. The chains have a circular link at one end and a tab plus circular link at the other. Choose the circular link and carefully glue this over the nipple on the launcher cap. Repeat four times per side and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. With tweezers or a scalpel blade, bend the chain backwards to meet the body of the launcher under the body and just behind the dust cap.

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