LW027C - 1.35 scale Leopard 2A4, Batch 8, 4 + 4 Smoke Launchers

Can be used with Meng Leopard 2A4

This set is designed specifically for use with Meng Leopard 2A4. Meng has omitted the correct launchers from their otherwise excellent kit, so this set now allows you to accurately complete the last production Leopard 2A4 as it should be.

What is the difference you may ask? For Batch 8 only, KMW (the manufacturers) decided to strengthen up the mounting rails. These, therefore, have more thickness to them as well as a different central mounting block on the lower rail. The launchers themselves are also a mixture. The top row uses the original launchers used on both Leopard 1 and 2 (LW026 and 027A), but the launchers on the bottom row are the same as those used on the newer 6 + 2 rails (LW027B). These sets also remove the tedium of cleaning up those fiddly plastic items with their mould seams. The chains are much finer than the ones you find on most general vehicle etch sets. Also, some kit launchers are a little on the skinny side, particularly Meng.


Parts list


  1. Fit the new launcher rails to the turret. Ensure the left side turret ammunition hatch weld bead is removed.
  2. Snip off the launchers from the pour block and clean up.
  3. Carefully glue them to the launch rails, taking careful note of the angles. On the top row, 1 and 2 face forwards, 3 and 4 are angled out slightly. On the bottom row, all are angled out differently. See the photos below.
  4. The chains have a circular link at one end and a tab plus circular link at the other. Choose the circular link and carefully glue this over the nipple on the launcher cap. Repeat eight times per side and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. With tweezers or a scalpel blade, bend the chain backwards to meet the body of the launcher under the body and just behind the dust cap.

Launcher photos courtesy of James Tainton of Armour Workshop


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