LW028 1:35 scale Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAM and 2A6M CAN update set

Can be used with Hobby Boss or Perfect Scale Leopard 2A4M CAN and Hobby Boss or Perfect Scale Leopard 2A6M CAN

Limited Edition
We will be doing these in small numbers, so first come first served

Made in collaboration with Real Model Ltd.

All Canadian vehicle photos courtesy of Anthony Sewards.

This Special Edition set is designed to enhance the current kits of Canadian 2A4M CAN and 2A6M CAN in plastic and in resin (and also the forthcoming Hobby Boss 2A4M kit).

The most noticeable element of this set is the Eduard etch for the turret top electronics boxes and carbine box which are light years ahead of any kit parts. Added in is Leopard Workshop's own set of 6 + 2 smoke launchers alongside stowage items like ration boxes, jerrycans and a cooler.

The Eduard set, bought on its own, is 23 USD retain, so this set is a bargain!

Parts list


Instructions - smoke launchers

  1. Snip off the launchers from the pour block and clean up.
  2. Carefully glue them to the launch rails, taking careful note of the angles. On the top row, 1 and 2 face forwards, 3 and 4 are angled out slightly, 5 and 6 are even more angled. On the bottom row, both are angled out still further. See the photos overleaf.
  3. The chains have a circular link at one end and a tab plus circular link at the other. Choose the circular link and carefully glue this over the nipple on the launcher cap. Repeat four times per side and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. With tweezers or a scalpel blade, bend the chain backwards to meet the body of the launcher under the body and just behind the dust cap.

No longer available

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