LW029 Leopard 1 Rear Mud Flaps

Can be used with any Leopard 1


All of the current plastic kits give injection moulded rear mud flaps, some in the extended deployed position, some in the folded up position with poor definition on the folded edges.

Our flaps are actually made of rubber. These are NOT made of vinyl or any other kind of flexible plastic.

Also included are etch parts for the hull mounting, reflectors, hooks and a stiffener to hold the shape of the side flaps.

They can be posed either up or down, just like the real thing.



The hooks are very delicate so it is best to leave these off until the closing stages of your build.

If modelling the flaps folded up, best advice is to glue the hooks from behind the flaps and glue the flaps into the folded position.

Produced in co-operation with Tetra Model Works.

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