LW035 - 1:35 scale Canadian Leopard 2 'Velcro' patches

For HobbyBoss Leopard 2A4M CAN

Are you looking for something a little more convincing than the flat decals provided in the kit? These patches are individually cut to a more accurate size, are very easy to place, and look more 3-dimensional.

Parts list:


TIP 1:

The Vecro 'hook pattern' is near impossible to reproduce in such a small scale. For a more textured look, I would suggest spraying the sheet with a texture paint such as Rustoleum protective paint, and then respraying in matt black. I have done this on the turret patches here. The hull patches are straight off the sheet.


TIP 2:

Place the patches using reference of the real tanks. The profile in the kit instructions is not completely correct or realistic. The best reference is Trackpad Publishing's Canadian Leopard 2A4M CAN book.

Photos with thanks to Dan Hay
DH: My pleasure!


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