LW039 - 1:35 scale Leopard 1 Road wheels, idlers and rollers with Damaged Tyres

Can be used with Meng/Takom and Italeri/Revell Leopard 1

This is a complete set of Leopard 1 wheels. All tyres are damaged, most of them differently. Some are lightly damaged, some more heavily. The front road wheels are a mixture of LW001-1 and LW002 style wheels. Of course, most tanks will not have complete sets of damaged tyres, so this set can be shared between two or three different models if desired.

Parts list:

These wheels are designed to be used in conjunction with any Leopard Workshop set of Leopard 1 wheels - LW001-1, LW002, LW007-3, LW007-4, LW007-5, LW007-6.

They are also designed to fit Leopard Workshop trailing arms (LW011), therefore:

Italeri/Revell, Meng and Takom fitting

For the kits above, the road wheel axles need to be shortened to 4 mm. The Italeri idler axles are OK. Drill out the axle holes in the LW wheels to 2.5 mm.

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