LW042C - 1:35 scale Australian Leopard AS1 Tall Turret Stowage Basket

To backdate Legend LF1354 Leopard AS1 conversion set


A large variety of turret basket designs were produced by different Australian Army workshops over the years. No two baskets systems were the same. This tall turret basket set has been prepared for use with the above-mentioned conversion. It backdates the Legend set ~ which represents a final standardised design of basket.

This tall basket was one of many designs that were conceived. It would be hung from the left side turret rear. On the right would either be two jerrycan holders, or possibly another basket, quite likely to a different design. The photo shows a lower basket on the right, level with the turret roofline if you look closely.


  1. The mesh was normally welded to the outside of the frames.
  2. Spacers need to be added to the bottom corners to keep the baskets level. Either fold from brass (part 2 supplied) or use plastic rod/square section.
  3. Placement of reinforcement braces differs basket to basket.
  4. Baskets could be mixed those from LW042A and LW042B.
  5. Jerrycan holders either used straps (buckles provided for use with paper straps parts 3, 4, 5) or make-shift frames as shown in the photo (part 11).

    For Experienced photo-etchers.
    These baskets are not easy to fold.

    Photos courtesy Michael K. Cecil

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