LW050B - 1.35 scale Leopard 1 Driver Training Cab (Fahrschulpanzer) Supplement

Customers have suggested that instrument panel decals should have been included with the LW050 Leopard Driver Training Cab. Decals also included extinguisher labels.

Here they are. For those who already have the cab and wish to add the decals, these will remain as a bonus set.

Also included is a clear resin beacon. I suggest that this is coated is a few coats of clear varnish to improve its clarity, before adding colour.

Many thanks to Military Modelling Accessories for the decal design (and the photos).

To a UK or European address
£ 4.00 + £ 2.50 post
To a Worldwide address:
£ 4.00 + £ 4.00 post

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