LW001-1 Leopard 1 Replacement Road Wheels and Idlers - Standard Wheels 'Type 1'

Can be used with Meng/Takom and Italeri/Revell Leopard

The 'Type' numbers are Leopard Workshop numbers, not official type numbers!

These are the standard wheels used on all Leopard 1 and variants as they rolled off the production line. These replace the older Leopard Workshop set (LW001).

Previous Leopard 1 road wheels in plastic, and indeed replacement ones from the resin manufacturers, have one thing in common. None of them have any detail on the rear face of the road wheels or idlers.

This set remedies this fault. They also remedy problems with the proportions of the Meng and Takom wheels.

Our wheels compared with the Meng offerings

These wheels have been accurately drawn using CAD technology and the masters were 3D printed.

These wheels are designed to fit Leopard Workshop trailing arms (LW011), therefore:
Italeri/Revell, Meng and Takom fitting
The road wheel axles need to be shortened to 4 mm. The Italeri idler axles are OK. Drill out the axle holes in these wheels to 2.5 mm.


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A review of this wheel set by Kenneth Østergaard may be found posted on Armorama.

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