LW020 - 1:35 scale Norwegian Leopard 1A5NO

To be used with Legend LF1316 Leopard 1A5NO conversion of Meng TS-015 Leopard 1A5

The focus of this sheet of decals is the Leopard 1A5NO of the Norwegian Army from 1994.


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Seventy-eight Leopard 1NOs were delivered from January and July 1971. Modifications included the then-new Diehl D640A combat tracks, new road wheels with wider rims and tyres and hatch locks on the turret. Otherwise, they were the same as other initial production Batch 4 vehicles. Although not initially fitted, the most distinctive feature of Norwegian Leopards is the box carried on the glacis plate which carry a larger number of snow grousers than the glacis racks, and are much easier to use in freezing temperatures. Previously, Leopard 1NOs could be seen with simple wooden ammunition boxes strapped to the glacis. Continuous upgrades to the 1NO included a thermal sleeve for the main armament and the addition of side skirts.

In a modernisation programme of their original seventy-eight Leopard 1NOs (which ended in 1994), EMES 18 was installed with a stabilisation system and the hydraulic turret drive was replaced by an all electric system. In this guise they were known as Leopard 1A5NO. To the same general standard as the German Leopard 1A5, these tanks, however, did not receive the add-on armour package. Thermal shields (called 'Thercam') could be fitted to the exhaust grilles and crew heater outlets. These were made of a plastic material reinforced with aluminium fittings on the inside.

In addition to these, thirty-three 1A5s were also acquired from Germany (obviously with the add-on armour) - also designated Leopard 1A5NO (not 1A5NO2 as some sources quote, including this decal sheet!!). A very late modification was an extended turret basket made to a few vehicles. The last shots were fired by Norwegian Leopard 1 in September 2011, and all have now been withdrawn from service.

Norwegian camouflage/markings

Positioning of all markings is completely standard.
Call signs on turret upper mid sides, glacis right top front, telephone box rear.
Tank name (if any) rear lower sides.
Registration glacis lower left and top of rear tool box.
Arm of Service (if any) glacis upper left.
Unit logo on rangefinder blanks and searchlight box.

Reference Photos

Photos by Clemens Niesner, Torgeir Haugaard, Thor Hakon Bredesen/Herens Kommunikasjonsavdelingand, Jurgen Holst and Roy Haaland.


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