Leopard 2 kits

This list was originally compiled by Frank Lobitz and has been based on his own opinions and observations. Frank provides information on new kits and bits when he is not busy writing Leopard 2 books, or recovering from said writing. Harald Hartwig is a frequent contributor to this list, often informing me of new products that should be added. I (Dan Hay) have maintained the list and contributed a few comments where appropriate.

If you wish to contribute to this list or if you notice any errors or omissions, please contact Frank Lobitz at frank@leotalk.net or myself at dan@onepointed.com.


Announcements and Rumors  

2017/09/11 - Real Model have announced a Leopard 2A6M-CAN 'Current Version' conversion set and a Leopard 2A4M-CAN update set. Both are due to be released sometime in the September/October 2017 time frame.


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