LW031 - 1:35 scale Danish Leopard 2A5DK Diehl 570PO Tracks and Sprockets

Can be used with the Accurate Armour Danish Leopard 2A5DK conversion or the HobbyBoss kit.


All Danish Leopard 2A5DKs were delivered with the same track as other nations Leo 2s. Over a long period of time, the entire fleet has now been equipped with this new Diehl 570PO track. The sprocket is designed to replace the Tamiya item.

Parts - each side


  1. Carefully snap the links from the pour blocks.
  2. Single flat links already have pour blocks removed for easy identification.
  3. On the multi-link sections, clean up the pour connections with a sharp knife/file/sanding stick.
  4. On the single-link sections, clean up the pour connections with a file.
  5. Clean up any flash with a stiff toothbrush or similar.
  6. Click links together ~ see the diagram.

Designed by tankomaster@gmx.de


Photos with thanks to Bobber Møller


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