LW033 - 1:35 scale Leopard 1 Improvement Set

Recipient of the ModellFan Model of the Year 2017 Medal

Designed for Revell 03240, but equally applicable to any Leopard 1 kit.

The Revell kit is a nice model, but it can be built into a special model with a little help. We hope this set will help you on the way. Of course, other Leopard Workshop sets can be used to further improve the kit. The vinyl tow cables with the moulded-on brackets, in particular, were the inspiration for this set.

I've enjoyed building the Revell kit as it is relatively lo-tech. Some of the parts are excellent, some not so, which is where my set comes in. I suppose by adding my parts it has turned into something a little more hi-tech!!

I hope the set is attractive to some. Some will say 'Oh I have all of these in my spares box'. I've tried to give everyone the best/most obvious parts to improve the Revell kit - or any other Leopard 1 kit.


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Review here from Military Modelling Info

Conclusion: With this set the greatest weaknesses of the Revell kit are eradicated. The finely detailed components have convinced me and should not be missed when building the model. Class!

Having started to build one, these are my own personal comments on the kit, good and bad points in no particular order:

  1. Running gear:
  2. Don't like joined up swing arms/shocks. Can be fixed with LW010.
  3. Return rollers much nicer than anything before with different width rims.
  4. Correct air filter cover with multiple hinge and double handles. Well spotted, Revell!
  5. Fuel filler and air filter handles need to be replaced with wire.
  6. Batch 1 square telephone box not appropriate to Batch 2-4 which this kit represents.
  7. Hate the tow cables with support brackets moulded on. Can be fixed with this set (LW033).
  8. Too many pin marks on the tracks. Fruil or Live Resin replacement tracks recommended.
  9. Moulded-on mantlet plugs nasty, but at least they are there. No plugs for turret. Can be fixed with LW005.
  10. Step on hull bottom. Correct. Engine compartment has thinner armour than crew compartment. First time in plastic.
  11. Under hull/sponson scoops correct number and correct size. There were only 2 on Italeri and none on Meng/Takom.
  12. Exhaust grilles much nicer than anything before in plastic. But why do they have a strange groove? They are also too thin on the rear edges which means the lights on the rear hull are incorrectly positioned. Can be fixed with LW008 or LW009.
  13. The mounts for the alternate gun travel lock are too high up. They should be below the (missing) weld lines.
  14. Rear deck grille is moulded into the top deck. It is quite nicely done, but etch is much better. The Meng cast grating is almost the exact same size, so this can be substituted with some careful cutting. Then use the Meng etch grille on top of course.
  15. Rear tool box has separate handle - unlike Takom/Meng.
  16. Turret casting OK. Better sanded down a little.
  17. Rain gutter there for the first time but doesn't have any form to it.
  18. Rangefinder heads the correct shape - first time ever!!! Hooray.
  19. Periscope guards too thick but can be filed/sanded down to more scale thickness.
  20. Periscope faces have sink marks.
  21. Mantlet has sink marks.
  22. Moulded-on spring on loader's hatch is horrible. Can be fixed with this set (LW033).
  23. Aerial pots correct diameter. They were too small on Italeri. Aerials available as LW023.
  24. Five 'ribs' on turret roof should be deleted. These are armour blocks hidden under the mantlet cover, welded to roof during the later 1A1A1 modification programme.
  25. Nice to have 2 different searchlight stowage boxes.
  26. The curved shapes either side of the roof hatch plate are too obvious and should be blended in more with putty.
  27. No welds at all on the hull.
  28. NBC filter top plate has no detail. Can be fixed with this set (LW033).
  29. Nice options for all three countries including Dutch width poles and MG-mounted searchlight.
  30. MG details not sharp.
  31. Don't like tow hooks/eyes moulded as one. Can be fixed with LW025.
  32. Decals are missing 'chalk panels'. Some think Dutch flags should be included, but this particular vehicle had none.
  33. Toolboxes are not mentioned as an option for the Belgian tank. Initial tanks DID have the normal tool stowage. Boxes were introduced in 1974. Also a new fire-control was introduced which included a wind sensor and pressure sensor on the roof. These are on the sprues, but not mentioned in the instructions. The bridge and the end plates on the toolboxes are also appropriate for these later Belgian mods. These must be for a later release of a later Belgian version.
  34. The treadplate pattern on the front trackguards should be removed on the Belgian and Dutch tanks. They should be smooth with three non-slip patches as per the original Italeri kit.
  35. On the German tank, the 'reinforcements' behind the two skirt mounts on the trackguards should be removed. Just leave the front faces. However, this means the treadplate pattern will not be present and I don't know how to replace it.
  36. Fire extinguishers missing for Dutch Leopard 1NL. Can be fixed with this set (LW033).


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