LW040 - 1:35 scale Canadian Leopard 2A6M CAN Conversion Set

A conversion set designed for use with the Tamiya Leopard 2A6.

The Leopard 2A6M CAN is a Canadian variant of the Leopard 2A6. Twenty 2A6M CANs tanks were loaned by the German Bundeswehr to increase protection for Canadian troops operating in Afghanistan from August 2007. These Leopards served until Canadian forces withdrew in July 2011.

To avoid any confusion about 2A6M CAN, the Barracuda and slat armour fitted in Afghanistan was removed immediately after withdrawal from theatre. It was never used in Canada.

This represents the latest version of 2A6M CAN - Canada's front-line tank alongside the 2A4M CAN (which gets all the publicity). Having gone through a thorough rebuild programme following their return from Afghanistan to Canada, modifications include mine protection belly armour (hence the 'M' designation), reinforcement strakes under the engine compartment, glacis armour plate, a modified battery compartment in the right rear hull, the option of ECM boxes mounted on the rear turret roof, 'T' antenna mounts, and mounting points for the addition of slat armour and engineering attachments at the front.

The twenty 2A6M CANs serve alongside twenty 2A4M CANs and a further forty-two 2A4 CANs used for training. There is a final configuration of 2A6M CAN - the real vehicles look different from tank to tank as most are currently at different stages of modification. It will take some time to bring them all to the same final standard.

The modifications in this set are the latest upgrades to these vehicles at the time of this set's release (August 20, 2017).

The set includes nearly 40 resin parts, three photo-etch sheets for engine deck grilles, optional ECM boxes and turret basket etch, amongst other things. Also included are LW014B turned brass antennae set and LW027B 6+2 smoke launchers.


Thanks go to Jason Bobrowich and Dan Hay for the reference photos in the instructions.

Most of all, thanks to Andy Bass of Storm Miniatures, Jason Bobrowich, Michael Shackleton and Kevin Williams for the masters.


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