Legend Productions - Leopard 2A4M CAN Detailing Set (for HobbyBoss Leopard 2A4M CAN)

Scale: 1:35
Media: resin and photo-etch
Reviewed By: Michael Shackleton

The HobbyBoss Leopard 2A4M CAN, good though it is, needs a little help here and there to improve some of its details. To prove the point, Legend have come up with this detail set which will improve and/or update the base kit.

There are thirteen blocks of the usual superb Legend casting, one photo-etch fret, a piece of clear plastic, a length of 0.8 mm brass rod and 0.3 mm brass wire for making handles.

The instructions are the usual 2-sided colour sheet that we have become accustomed to from Legend. The detailing supplied in this set is not difficult so, although the photos are quite small, they are perfectly clear and readable.


The etch parts include replacement steps (with the Canadian maple leaf etched through them) which go under the forward hull armour blocks. Other parts on the fret replace all of the tool clips and brackets, chains for the smoke launchers, replacement slat armour brackets that attach on the turret baskets, plates with hooks to detail the rear mudflaps, the 4-legged brushguard that goes on the convoy shield, cross-pieces and detailing for the T-aerial mounts, EMES-18 window frames and wiper (the kit has no detail as the kit doors are designed to be shut), two MG travel locks (only one needed) and the perforated mount for the C6 MG.

The resin parts, most notably, have TWO alternative PERI-R17 commander's sights. The first is a much nicer detailed R17A1 to directly replace the original kit part. The second more up-to-date sight is the R17A3 L4 which is literally just being introduced across the 2A4M CAN fleet. This is quite distinctive as it is virtually the same as the sight fitted to 2A5/2A6/2A7 but with a large protective door on the front. It has also been fitted already to the Swiss Panzer 87WE.

Other resin parts include new tow cable ends (but no brass wire), rear deck lifter, antennae mounts, doors for the EMES-18 gunner's sight, a new mantlet top cover and a really nice C6 machine gun with mount, trolly, ammo box and ammo. In case you are wondering, the 0.8 mm brass rod is to make a new crowbar.

Overall this is lovely little set to improve the already impressive HobbyBoss kit. Once again, well done Legend, and also Jason Bobrowich who helped research the set.


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